Longwood Gardens 2020

A few years ago I made my first trip to Longwood Gardens with my friend Max. We went Labor Day weekend which marked the end of summer. I wrote a post about it here and had not been back again until recently.

The Gardens are set on over 1,000 acres of land and there are waterfalls, botanical gardens, fountains, tree walks, meadows and open fields. This trip I went with my boyfriend, Nick.  Although the weather was a little colder and not as many plants or flowers in bloom outside we still had a really nice time exploring the grounds together
We took the time to walk the grounds a little which was really nice. The temperatures were in the 40's which is a little chilly but it was so quiet and peaceful to be out there on our own. We took a walk up to the Lookout Loft, Canopy Cathedral and the Birdhouse.

Posing with the Dragon carvings!

After freezing our butts off outside we headed over to the conservatory to go check out the Orchid Extravaganza and the rest of the rooms of this amazing…

Social Distancing: How to Get Through This

You've heard it about a million times now and it sounds like a broken record, "Practice social distancing." Social distancing according to the CDC (Center of Disease Control) is avoiding social interaction and in cases where you are in social situations to keep 6 feet between you and others around you to avoid spreading of disease. It is a practice being carried out by thousands of people across the country and the world right now with the global pandemic COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus spreading rapidly in our communities.

I live in New Jersey about 2 hours south of New York City which is one of the top affected states/cities in the United States. Because so many of New Jersey citizens commute to and from NYC it's no surprise to me that our state is second below New York. Other states with a high amount of diagnosis include California, Washington state, Michigan and Florida.

At this point in time New Jersey, New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia and a few other ar…

Human Lines

I completely forgot about these edits that I did a couple of years ago! Since switching to a new computer I went through a lot of files and tried to better organize my work. Here are the pieces I uncovered

This was a project that I only started to explore. Going forward I would love to try to something that incorporating screen printing on top of photographs or other digital prints. I recently started to see others sharing work like this and thought to myself, I do this all the time!
Stay Strong & Style On -Kristina

Navigating Through Unemployment

It has officially been six months since I got laid off from my job.
I went to work on April 10th, expecting a pretty busy but normal day. Between designing the GabiFresh x Swimsuitsforall collection for 2020 and helping my technical designer sketch items for FullBeauty's swim AND working on the regular cruise assortment I got to the office early and started working hard.
There were whispers echoing across the office that someone from Human Resources was in the office along with our VP and that something was going to happen. Honestly, I didn't think much of it! Our VP had regularly been making visits to the office since being put in charge of our division and having someone from HR didn't really surprise me.
Maybe an hour or so into my day my cell phone rang at my desk; It was the VP calling and he asked me to come to the other side of the office and meet him in one of the other rooms. My initial thoughts were maybe they were investigating a complaint, wanted more informat…