When Doves Cry- #RIPprince

I was very sad to hear that Prince died earlier this week at only 57.  Like Bowie, I've always found Prince to be a rock legend and certainly a fashion icon.

Although he was only 5'2'', great things come in small packages!

Prince was someone who challenged gender roles and didn't conform to any of them really.  He lead a revolution in the steps of Bowie of questioning gender roles and being a beacon of hope for others with similar struggles.

His music changed the face of rock and brought on new ideas sounds and a whole lot of funk.  Being as young as he was at his untimely death, I can only imagine what he could have done with more time.  Myself and many others around the world are saddened by his death but he has left a mark on the world of music and fashion, hopefully inspiring generations to come.


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