Cut it Out

Was feelin' cute when I got home from work the other day and decided to take a few pictures.

Outfit: Dress: H&M- OnSale! ; Tights: Target- Similar ; Boots: Marshalls- Similar

Work has been pretty crazy lately so the fact that I was even up to taking my own pictures was a miracle!

Right now at work, I'm working on Cruise 2017 swim.  It seems very far away, but we need to have everything done and photographed by the end of August! It's weird how fashion works sometimes.
Since we've been so busy we haven't had a chance to do our bi-weekly trip to NYC for print shopping.

My design team and I are now responsible for all swimwear brands at FullBeauty Brands (Woman Within, Roamans, Jessica London) and our own lines at Swimsuitsforall (Aquabelle, Beachbelle, Shore Club, Tropiculture, Swim Sexy) It's a lot of businesses to design for!  Each business is one of a kind and there are a lot of specific types of women we design for.

The age range for us is anywhere from young 20's to women in their 70's and 80's, so it's a wide span of women of all shapes and sizes.  It's very challenging trying to figure out what each woman wants in a swimsuit!  But as always our design team is up for the challenge.

Other than work, things have been pretty relaxed outside of my job. I've been planning a few things for my trip to Iceland this October and I'm also looking forward to going home for a little over Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm also apartment hunting for the place of my dreams.  I've been bouncing around since I moved back to the area this time two years ago and I'm ready to be settled in my own place.  Moving is never a quick and painless process so I'm praying that I will find something in the next few months that fit for me and my future cat!

YES! CAT!!!!! Not sure when exactly I'm going to adopt, but I'm gonna do it! Y'all can't stop me! Now that I have my full time job I feel like I can afford to take care of another living thing that's not a plant. Although I do want more of those too! (Cat friendly, of course)

It's been snowing/raining on and off today so I've been staying in and catching up on some TV shows.  I'm hoping that the weather will start to get nicer soon that way I can conduct the kinds of shoots that I want to in the future.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend; whether you're stuck inside because of the rain or enjoying the great outdoors.

Stay Strong & Style On



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