Feature: The Thrifty Gentleman; Part II

Now that I am indeed living with The Thrifty Gentleman, we've had a chance to do a few pictures here and there to create some new posts.  If you remember from my last post Floyd, The Thrifty Gentleman, is an avid thrifter and creates most of his looks from gently used clothes from Goodwill and other local thrift shops in the area.

Walker's style is classy, casual and timeless. His outfit from the other day is no different. . .

Hers: Velvet Burnout dress from Free People similar

His: Button up hedgehog collared shirt, velvet detail vest, black slacks, red violet suit coat and patent leather oxfords.

The day was sweet and warm so we took some time to sit outside, enjoy the weather and take a few photos to share with you!
Please make sure you follow Floyd on his Instagram he's about to pick back up with new posts and outfits for you to love!

Stay strong and style on~



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