Spring 2016: Valentino

Hi All! I know that it's been months since my last real update but things are still in limbo around here.  Recently I started writing for a site called Gruemonkey and have taken on the role as lead Rock & Roll writer.  While this is very exciting and I have a new outlet, I feel bad for neglecting Chrysanthemum.  I'm hoping to take some photos this weekend in some outfits and get the ball rolling around here.

For the time being as most of you know, it's fashion week! Shows are still pouring out and I'm loving what designers have brought to the table this season.  I just got through Valentino's show and in addition to being in love with the looks and theme of the collection, I am drooling over the accessories and bags.  Here are some close up shots of my favourites;

You can view the rest of the collection here on the new style.com


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