Dark Vibes

Hi Everyone!

I'm back!....I think.
Since I went on hiatus, I've moved twice, got a new(er) position at Destination Maternity and still have been interviewing my butt off hoping that a new job will soon come along.

I was really feeling my outfit the other week, so I had my roommate snap a couple of photos when I got home from work.  It's really a shame that it gets dark so early these days.  Don't get me wrong, I love fall but I don't love how short the days become.

The scarf was a gift from an old roommate.  Her boyfriend's mother had given it to her but she didn't want it.  I'm not exactly sure why but you can never have enough scarves if you ask me!

I've always enjoyed black on black on black looks.  The only problem I ever have is my blacks will never match, ever! #gothgirlproblems

I got the shoes over the summer from Forever 21. They were the last of their kind!  A lot of women that I work with are also rocking this heel, it tends to be one of our favourites.

But sadly the last few warm days are slowly fading out so it'll be time to put away sandals and open toed shoes unfortunately.  Until next year I guess!

I'm hoping to get most posts out to you all soon!  Stay strong and style on!



  1. At first I was like how'd you get those pics from that high angle, then I remembered who probably helped you.

    1. Haha! Floyd got so into it and stood on the railing!! What a champ :)

  2. Loved the scarf girl :) btw I enjoy reading your blog, maybe you might enjoy mine :)


    1. Thank you Kelsey, I will definitely take a moment to check out your page. Thanks for stopping by!


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