Blogging Hiatus

Hello friends, fans and special onlookers;

My heart is heavy as I make this post. I'm going through a lot of changes right now and really haven't found it in myself to keep this blog afloat. I care for this blog and want to see it grow but right now I feel like I can't give it the full energy that it deserves and that I deserve.  

I want to make great posts with interesting ideas and captivating subjects. I think I might have a little soul searching to do until that actually happens.

Hopefully over the next month or so, things in my life will start to fall into place and I will be in a position where I feel like I can dedicate the amount of time, effort and love this blog needs to carry on.

This post is not goodbye, but rather as a "See you soon!"

I'm hoping to come back here with many more stories to tell, fashion to share and recipes to love.
Please bear with me because I'm working towards something great!

In the mean time please follow me on Instagram and Twitter as those are two accounts that I am easily able to keep up with for the time being.

I will be back, I promise you all that!  Until then remember to take care of yourself and to stay stylish



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