Grey Beanie in NYC

Hello followers and special onlookers, it's been quite a while!
Things have been fairly busy these last few weeks and it's been hard to find the time to sit and work out a blog post.

A couple weeks ago now my two buddies and I hit NYC for the day and did some touristy type things.
For those who don't know, back in 2012 I spent the summer in New York interning with Lela Rose.  Instead of commuting from Philly 3-4 times a week I saved myself the trouble and lived in the city for the summer. NYU offers summer housing for students who have internships so I stayed in the dorms there while carrying out my internship.  NYU is mostly down in the village so I'm pretty acquainted with the area as well as the garment district--obviously

Nick was home for the week from Penn State and wanted to do something fun together. So he, Anthony (Jav) and I took the day for ourselves.

When we got off the train we were quite ravenous so we got on the subway and made our way downtown to go to S'MAC. A personal fave of mine mostly because Mac and Cheese is my thang. This place has tons of different mac and cheeses and you can even build your own.  My old roommate from NYU took me here and since I've made several trips back.

After getting some much needed lunch we headed over to Forbidden Planet to check out the comic book scene and check out the fantastic t shirts they had on display.

Jav's main event of the day was visiting McSorley's.  

A bar that opened in the mid 1800s that was know as "men only" with only 3 taps. Light, dark and one that doesn't pour! But lucky for me the bar was opened to women back in 1970.  We went in for a round of dark and light and it was very refreshing after walking around the city most of the day.  

The bar had sawdust on the floor and no bar stools. We stood the entire time as we sipped our drinks to only the sound of other patrons (this place has no music.) It was a fun and interesting place to go, although we did make a few of our other friends verrrry jealous.

He had fun. Truly, he did.

Our next stop on the New York Tour was the Ghost Busters HQ the firehouse!  
I went there previously back in 2012 with my good friend Robin while he was visiting from England. 

 It was at the top of his to do this and we totally "nerded" out together when seeing it.  I pretty much did the same thing as I did last time ie; posing like a dweeb and looking way too excited.

Here's the 2012 version!

Something that Nick wanted to do during our trip was walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I've done the bridge about 4 times now and each visit has been a very different experience.  The first time that I went was with my friend Jasmine.  She was living in Brooklyn at the time while serving out her internship with Dianne Von Furstenburg on the textile design team.  It was a really hot day but that didn't stop us!

My second visit to the bridge was alone during the evening hours on my run.  2012 was the summer I challenged myself to start running more and I ended up running the bring from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back again in about 20 minutes!  Considering how long I had been running I deemed that as an excellent accomplishment for myself.

The third time I went was with Robin that same summer.  We walked the bridge and rewarded ourselves with a nice pint at a near by pub.

Nick, Jav and I did the same thing where we walked the bridge and ended the day with a nice pint and something to eat.  

This guy ovah here

Friend love!

Took some fun photos down by the water!

My friend Kayla who I grew up with currently goes to Pratt, met up with us in Dumbo and we made our way to what turned out to be the same pub Robin and I went to 3 years prior!

We're totally derpin it in this. But whatever we know we're fabulous.

After an eventful day we made our way back to NY Penn Station and made our way back to Trenton and went home.
Jav, Nick and I

Me, Nick and sleepy Jav

I hadn't been to the city in a few years so it was nice to go and take my time in the city.  In the past when I would take day trips during college, I would rush around trying to get what I needed in a few hours then rush to catch the Mega Bus back to Philly. It made me hate a city that I really love to visit. But now when I go I'm happy to have the extra time to myself.

Eventually I would like to work out of NYC for a clothing company and do my design thing.  It's hard to believe some times that I've been at Destination Maternity for almost a year now! I'm still a full time intern, but I am hoping to be promoted to an assistant designer soon. Things have been moving slowly but I'm always so grateful for all the opportunities that I've had since moving back from New Hampshire.  I miss home but I know that this is where I'm meant to be right now.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and is looking forward to the week ahead!



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