Black Fashion: Coachella Queen

Over the past few months I've noticed more and more how white washed fashion is.  Fashion is meant to be a part of everyone's personal expression yet time after time designers and editors alike seem to hone in on white men and women to "better" represent their brand.
But honestly, why should they be so bias?
Every color is beautiful, anyone can make the right outfit shine.
Lately I've found myself becoming more submerged in POC (people of color) fashion and blogs. Most of the media is focused on a white world, but honestly each day people are crossing borders and blurring the lines between black and white and there are much more interracial couples now then there were a few years ago.  While it is still a struggle, we have made progress. I'm sure one day all people will be of more than one race.

While browsing Refinery29 the other day, I came across an article featuring some of the clothes from the H&M Coachella collection.  The images above are from the article and I was excited to see a black woman in an H&M advertisement.  When going to the H&M website to look at the collection better, I was thoroughly disappointed to see picture after picture of a white girl "channeling" her "inner gypsy." Girl, please. 

 This is what comes up when you first go to look at the collection, notice anything? All the larger photos feature the white couple and down in the left hand corner is one girl of color.
As you "scroll to discover more" we do see more of the black model but the focus seems to be clearly on the other two models.

I really enjoyed the photos that Paul Jung has taken of Atong Arjok for the Refinery29 feature. It brings the collection a new breath of life and shows a different side. I personally think this series is beautifully shot and styled and I adore the model's look and her body language.

I do hope that as fashion continues to progress that POC will be featured more, talked about more and seen more throughout the media. We are all unique and deserve every chance to shine.



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