Single Girl's Guide to (Anti) Valentines day: Love yourself

Okay yes, this is in some sense wicked cheesy but seriously, LOVE YOURSELF.
I mean if you don't, who will?
In all seriousness I'm sure of it that there is plenty of love in your life.
Even if you don't have a significant other to snuggle up with this Saturday, there are plenty of people out there who love you!
Your friends
Your pets!!

Honestly, every day should be like Valentines day.  Who says you have to celebrate being in love with someone one day out of the year?  You should tell someone and show someone how much you love them in one way or another each day.

It's not about gifts, chocolates, flowers. cards and fancy dinners; Valentines day is about being together--and about Hallmark making a shit ton of money off of everyone *ugh*

But if you have no plans, no lover (like myself) this is the perfect day to TREAT YO SELF.

Pamper yourself with some of these amazing products from LUSHcosmetics! Who doesn't love a bath with candles?

I can personally say that I've used 2 out of the 3 of these! Blackberry "BOMB" has to be my favourite! It turns your water purple and smells heavenly. Use this just to relax and enjoy the night to yourself (This is the one I have ready for v-day!).  The Lonely Heart bubble bar will make tons of bubbles, turn the water a fun red-orange color and will leave you feeling like a diva. The Sex Bomb is also one that I have used. The scent was great and turned the water a nice color.  But if you really like something that fizzes like crazy I'd go with the Blackberry BOMB.

While you're waiting for the bath to fill up, I'd suggest putting on this mask before getting in the tub.  This is a great deep cleansing mask for anyone-- Especially if you break out often on your face or other parts of your body. It smells amazing and always leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean. It also has a little bit of a tingly sensation while it dries, I think it's just amazing

This is a shower gel/shampoo that is gentle and smells awesome.  It's not something I've used personally but there seems to be a lot of great reviews on the LUSH site. Sweet smelling and lots of honey in it to nourish dry skin and scalp.  Hopefully you'll love it!

With LUSH, I definitely suggest going to a retail store. Some things may look good online but don't smell as great in person.  Also most of the people who work at LUSH are super nice, knowledgeable about the products and are willing to HELP YOU. So don't be afraid to ask for their advice! Especially if you have sensitive/special skin :)

Drink a lot of this:

And watch a lot of these kinda of movies:

No seriously, trust me.  Watching movies like Sweeney Todd or A Perfect Murder are a great way to rebel against love and where lovers go mad. Screw chick flicks and The effing "Notebook" Watch something scary and bloody. You'll feel a lot better about your love life!

So with whatever you're planning on doing if you're not making it about someone else, make it all about you!  Because of course, you're most important. 
Wear black, paint your nails to match your soul and don't forget to love you.



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