To Vlog or Not to Vlog


Like blogging, but through video.

It's something that I dabbled in a few years back but abandoned after I graduated college. I ran out of things to talk about and interesting ideas for videos.  Being a blogger or a vlogger isn't easy, but I've been considering starting up again in addition to using this blog.

In the past on my YouTube channel, I've told stories, had a few rants and a few deep conversations with myself. As much as I like talking about what I want to talk about, I also want to make videos about something people want to watch

Videos about things others can relate to. I don't want want to make meaningless videos of me blabbing for 5-8 minutes.

So how do I find my niche? What's my focus?

Obviously this blog's focus is on fashion and art...and somethings a little of everything else.

I've been thinking about giving advice

Talking about personal experiences and a few other things but nothing has really hit the mark just yet.
Maybe I'm just tired of the YouTube scene. I had a few "YouTubers" that I use to watch every week including Swoozie, Jenna Marbles and a few others here and there. I think that I might need to do a bit more research and watch some others in orders to help get my ideas straight.

If I make a comeback, I'm sure you will know here first!

Suggestions are always welcome, maybe you've thought of something that I didn't!



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