Cool Days, Vintage Nights.

I recently went on a vintage research binge during my free time at work.  I use to do a lot more historical research while I was still in school and doing projects all the time.  Usually we would have to have at least two book sources which always allowed me to venture over to the Free Library of Philadelphia and check out some great fashion books.

This time around I poked around pinterest a lot which led me to a great flicker site Dovima2010.  With over 30,000 images to pick through I was able to find what I was looking for and also discover some photos I hadn't seen before in old books or magazines.

If I had to choose which era from the past is my favorite (in terms of fashion) I've always been drawn to the 1940s.  There just something about the way everyone is dresses that is sophisticated, refined and confident. Women took on the roles of men during this time as most of their husbands went off to fight in WWII.  Also because of the war, materials for clothing were put into uniforms and nylon stockings became the new thing because silk was being put into parachutes. Some women weren't able to find stockings and drew lines up the back of their calves to make it look like they were wearing real ones!

Because of this, lengths got shorter and clothing became more structured. The fashion world had to adapt to the changes going on around it during war times.  Here were some of my favourites that I came across;

Starlets and old Hollywood;

Hedy Lamarr

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

Joan Crawford

Katharine Hepburn

Others from the 30s, 40s and 50s

Some lovely ladies of colour

There is just something so beautiful and captivating about each one of these photos.  It's so interesting to see through the eye of a photographer and how much focus and positioning goes into taking them. 

As much as I can appreciate current/modern fashion, I still have a strong love for these vintage photos and the time periods when they were taken.  Natural beauty can be found in each protrait and isn't covered up by a massive amounts of makeup or has been retouched again again by editors in Photoshop.  I hope some day these kinds of photos and trends will resurface.  Until then we should celebrate and revive fashions of the past.



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