Chrysanthemum Holiday Gift Guide~

The Holidays are among us!  Before you know it it'll be here and you won't have gotten all of your gifts! Scary, isn't it?

Well I'm here to help.  This is my first year having this blog and the first Gift Guide that I am making!

Instead of giving you the "hottest trending" gifts or listing gifts that I can't even afford for my friends, I wanted to list some small shop owners and sites who can help you give the right gift!

1. GoGoBookart - This sweet little shop has a collection of art that are printed on various kind of book pages.  They have everything from animals to Star Wars characters printed in these books.  This could be a great gift for the book lover or nerd in your life.  All posters are about $12.00

2. For the Love of Maps - For the dude or the craft beer lover in your life, For the Love of Maps makes state silhouette prints that are surrounded by the names of different breweries from that state.  Pictured above is one of Pennsylvania!  But there are several others including one of Ireland that has the names of famous pubs throughout the country!  It would make the perfect gift for the "man cave" or their bedroom.  If you don't want to give the gift of beer, they also have other maps of different subject matter available.  All posters are about $22.00

3. Cards Against Humanity - Okay, okay, I know this isn't exactly supporting the small business man but let's face it-- This game is on fire!  Cards Against Humanity livens up any party or night in with friends.  It really brings out the bad in all of us and it's fun to learn a thing or two about your fellow players.  It's listed at $25.00 on amazon.

4. VinyLovers & Revinylit - Both of these sites offer refurbished vinyl records that are made into clocks.  Both offer pop culture and musician themed clocks that make a great gift and will look nice on the wall without breaking the bank.  These clocks vary in price from $35-$40.00

5. Stride Fitness Apparel - Does your friend or family member like to lift, run, yogi or work out?  Is that person also a little Geeky?  Then this site is the right place to find a gift for them.  They have a lot of different tees, tanks and hats that have a geeky or funny attitude to them.  Pictured above and most of the shirts on the site are unisex as well!!  Don't think that you can't order a shirt just because it's on a dude!  The merch varies in price but still is on the cheaper side. Use promo code: JUSTFORTUMBLR, and receive 20% off your order!

6. SamiBstyle -  This little shop is owned and operated by my good friend Sam!  She has a lot of different little jewels and charms and other fun gifts available for purchase!  If your mom or sister is into fun little trinkets this is the place to find something special for them.  Sam uses upcycled materials to make her items and also sells some vintage items!  Please be sure to check her out this season. Necklace pictured above is around $25.00

7. Dream Caravan Crafts -  Do you have a Disney or Harry Potter lover in your life?  These beautiful hand crafted paper portraits are definitely for them.  Dream Caravan is owned and operated by my other sister, Anastasia.  She uses scrap book and specialty papers to individually create these portraits of Disney Princesses, characters and Harry Potter crests.  Anastasia also takes on custom orders if you do not see something that you are looking for!  Each one is special and made with care. You can also request a frame with your purchase to complete the gift.  Use promo code: CHRYSANTHEMUM, and receive 15% off your order!

8. Minnie and Maude Pillows -  I know that this one is a little out of the box but it can make a great gift for anyone.  They have graphic printed pillows and text ones as well.  There's even an option to customize your pillows as well.  This could make a nice gift for an older family member or even a good friend.  Pillows make nice statements for couches or even on the bed!  Check them out for sure.  Pillows range from $15-$30.00

9. Bullseye Beads - I cannot express how much I LOVE this shop!  I stumbled across this esty last year some time and added one of her beautiful glass blown acorn necklaces to my wish list.  My boyfriend from last year got this for my Christmas/birthday present and I absolutely adore it!  Probably the best gift I've gotten in a long time. The shop owner, Beth creates these all herself and each one has its own character to it, no two acorns are alike!  The tops of the glass are fused together with real acorn caps and you can pick what length you want your chain to be. I get so many compliments on this piece and I'm sure the person you gift it to will as well!  Necklaces are about $24 but it seems that only the acorn earrings are available!

10. Charming Contrast - This charming little shop is own and operated by another good friend of mine, Didi.  She graduate from my college last May with a BFA in fine arts and her main focus is jewelry.  Didi has some beautiful and organic items in her shop available for purchase.  Each piece is hand crafted and she gathers all of her own materials.  This would make a great gift for mom or anyone who has a love for one of a kind jewelry.  Most of the items in the shop are about $8-$33.00 Use promo code: DECS4LE, and receive a discount on your order!

Well that's all that I have for you folks!  My intention is to bring these amazing people some good business and help you find a gift that it fit for the person you are giving it too!  Support your local artists and businesses this year.  It is more important than you think!

Even if you can't afford the holidays this year I find that giving a card is very thoughtful.  I'm a HUGE card junkie and love getting them for every occasion.  Remember that it's the thought that counts as well as being together.

More to come as the holiday season presses on!



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