Post Halloween

I meant to do my halloween post weeks ago but I've found myself working a lot of over time at work lately!

For Halloween this year I made the risky decision to make my own costume.  When thinking of what I wanted to be I wasn't sure at first.  The more and more I looked around pinterest, the more I wanted to be something original and different.  I decided to design a Water Nymph costume for myself.

I wanted something pretty, elegant and flowy...and blue!
Getting the fabric was SO cheap and I was thrilled when I got to check out and only payed $19 for all of my materials!  Since the dress form that I got for Christmas last year is still back home in New Hampshire, I ended up going back to school with a friend and using the studio to drape and make my pattern.  It kind of sucked because I knew I was going to be able to make something close to my drawing.

This was the fruits of my labor;

I made everything from head to toe, even my crown!  I went to the local craft store and bought myself jewelry copper wire and some fake flowers to make it happen!

I finished sewing everything and making my crown the night before Halloween and the party.  I was pretty impressed with myself and how quickly I was able to pull it together.
I wish I had better beauty photos of my makeup but I did something that was light, shimmering and gave me that nymph kind of look.  It must have worked because people were calling me "The Water Nymph" all night.  I met a lot of new people which was fun and we all had a great time (minus the creepy creepers.)

Last weekend we were invited to a post Halloween not Halloween party were costumes were encourage but not required.  My friend Sydney and I quickly pulled together a Daria/Jane duet for the party.  Some people knew what we were...others I think were a little too young to know what Daria was :p

Lala la la la....

It was a fun costume to do!  Maybe next year I can amp it up a little ;]

But sadly all of the tricks and treats are over.  It's hard to believe that we are half way through November and in exactly a month I will be 24!

The next few weeks I will continue to work my butt off but will have a nice few days off when I go home for Thanksgiving to be with my family.

What were you for Halloween? Any ideas for next year?
Take care and have a good week~~



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