How DID the Pilgrims Cook Their Turkey?

This Thanksgiving will definitely be one we will talk about for years to come.
A foot of snow...
Hanging trees...
Broken branches...
No electricity for almost 3 days.....
You know, just all of the great things you like to have at Thanksgiving.

I got home from the airport around 2:30pm on Wednesday afternoon and the snow was really coming down out there.  There was about 3 inches on the ground by the time we got all the way home.
As the night went on, our lights kept flickering on and off for a couple of hours when eventually the lights just went completely out around 6.

Luckily, my parents invested in a generator a few years ago so my dad filled up the tank with the rest of the gas we had. Our generator only runs our water, heat and a few other essentials which is just enough to get us by.  Around maybe 10:30-11pm the power came back on and it looked like we were in luck!

Although when I woke up the next morning......power was out and we had about 10 inches of snow. My poor mother had gotten up early and started to cook the Turkey for dinner and maybe an hour into the process we lost electricity.  When calling the electric company an automated machine said that we might have our power back by midnight on Friday.  With limited options and no stove, my mom's uncle was kind enough to let us use his stove to cook the turkey and the ham.  

Instead of having a late lunch, we had a true dinner and yes, we had all of the fixins'.  My mom had previously prepared the potatoes, squash and stuffing the day before so we were able to heat them up on our wood stove that is in the basement.  I know it sounds strange, but hey! it worked!

Even with our limited lighting and resources we had a nice evening together.  I do wish that everyone had been able to join us but regardless it was nice to have one another around. Just wish that I had gotten a few more pictures from dinner!

We didn't get our electricity back until Friday in the afternoon which was great but I still have friends across town who still are without power unfortunately.  I am just thankful that PSNH worked around the clock to help restore power all around New Hampshire.

Here are a few other photos of our yard and what the snow has left behind

Even three days later and everything still pretty much looks the same.  Its been so cold the past few days that none of the snow has melted from the trees.

I'm pretty positive that it won't be like this when I get back to Philly, that's for sure!

Hoping you all had a warm and peaceful thanksgiving with friends and family!


(And incase you are wondering how the Pilgrims cooked their first thanksgiving, you can read about that here)


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