Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope that everyone had a nice warm holiday! I know that a lot of us in New Hampshire didn't!
We had a huge storm hit us Wednesday night and we ended up getting about 10" of snow and lost power for a few days.  Luckily I was able to fly out of Philadelphia before the storm got really bad.  I got back okay, but my suitcase unfortunately did not.

Though it was a hassle, I was thankful to wake up thanksgiving morning to see that my suitcase had safely arrived!  I was particularly excited because my Thanksgiving outfit was inside of my bag;

This little number was a pick from my previous roommates donation pile of clothes.  Evelyn was kind enough to let me pick through the bags and pull some clothes that I really liked, this was one of them.  I paired the outfit with an old pair of Steve Madden shoes and bronze HUE tights.

I'm pretty sure that this dress can be found at Anthropologie, but I am not sure if it is still available.  It's a sweet corduroy button up dress that has a fun animal print on it.  Most of the animals are birds and some deer.  They look like they are all brown, but some of them actually have hints of blue and rich burgundy in the details of the drawings.

The pleating and ruffles in this dress are just darling and give the dress something extra if you ask me.

Now it's time to try and find the perfect outfit for Christmas!
Hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday, shopping til you drop and gobbling til you're wobbling.

Keep an eye out for my full Thanksgiving post soon ~~



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