Longwood Gardens

About a month ago now, I finally took my first trip to Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA.  I have had the opportunity to go in the past before but never had for some reason.  After a crazy moving weekend my friend Max and I decided to spend the afternoon at the Gardens.  

The Gardens are set on over 1,00 acres of land and there are waterfalls, botanical gardens, fountains, tree walks, meadows and open fields.  We brought our sketch books, markers and watercolours and just took some time to be artistic.

Although I do have a design job, sometimes it gets a little monotonous and I just need to release my creativity in other ways.

It was a hot and humid day but I was surrounded by beauty.  I unfortunately didn't even think to bring my camera with me so I had to settle taking photos with my camera.  Here are some of the moments that I captured from that day.

Hiding behind leaves

The desert

What up my plants!

Is this a truffula tree?

Until next time,



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