Birthday's, Zoo's and Other Odds and Ends

In the last few weeks I've helped celebrate two birthday, gone to the zoo, had the day to myself and randomly went to a Linkin Park, 30 Second to Mars and AFI show.

It's been quite the whirlwind but it has felt good to be out and spending time with people I previously hadn't spent much time with.

Anthony or as most friends call him, Jav turned 26 the other weekend and there was a small house party in celebration. I might of partied a little too hard but we all had a great time

I caught the sun setting on the drive to Jersey

The Birthday Boy!!

Nick, Me and Corry

And again....

Danielle, Dan, me and Rodger

Danielle and I
Corry entertaining a dog while being shirtless?

The next morning Me, Nick, Chelsea and the very tired and cranky hungover Birthday boy went to the zoo together.  I unfortunately was very sick earlier in the day and caught up with them for the last hour at the zoo.  It was kind of a bummer because in the 4 years I've been living in Philadelphia I had never been to the zoo.  Here are a few pictures from the few things that I got to see

The resemblance is seriously uncanny. Anthony has the posture and Nick nailed the face.

Chelsea, Jav and Nick

I want to be this guy.  He looks so peaceful

After the zoo we went to one of the best Philly Cheese steak places in the city; And no, it was not Pat's or Geno's!

This place is up in East Falls close to where my current apartment is called Dalessandro's

Since I'm not a cheese steak fan I had a wimpy salad and watched the other three eat massive steaks.  We first went to the wrong restaurant and were driving up and down north west Philly for a bit but it was worth it in the end! (For them at least ;) )

Last Friday I was supposed to get my tattoo finished up but decided last minute to reschedule and took the afternoon for myself.  I hadn't walked around center city in a long time so it was nice to do what I wanted on my time.
I stopped by the fountain first and took some time to write some poetry

For lunch I went to Village Whiskey and ordered myself a nice pint and a burger (shocking I know!)

After lunch I walked over to Rittenhouse to catch some rays

I unfortunately had sat on gum when I was at the park but there are worse things that could happen.
After being around the city for a few hours and went home expecting to have a rather quiet evening.  But that changed quite quickly!  One of Anthony's friends invited me last second to go to the concert and I decided to go.

I won't dare share the embarrassing photos from the concert last weekend but it was nice for all of us to meet up and scream our lungs out to Linkin Park.  I was devastated that I missed AFI's set but maybe one day I will have the opportunity to see them again!

We laughed, we screamed, we sang and had a great time.

I didn't enjoy the traffic I endured going to and from Philly but everything else was pretty Ace.

There are a few more things I'll be sharing on the next few days, can't spoil it all in one post!  Hope everyone is enjoy their weekend



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