Look Again

When I got up yesterday morning I was feeling pretty confident about what I put together to wear to work. I've worn this maxi skirt numerous times and I'm still finding different ways to wear it depending on where I'm going.

Dark? Yes. Creepy? Definitely!
I left the dark lipstick behind for work, but dolled up a little for the photos.
Finding a good length maxi skirt is quite challenging when you're on the short/petite side. I struck gold with this one a couple years ago when I got it from Forever21. The cami is from Aerie and I'm also wearing a loft cardigan.
I think what I like most about maxi skirts is that there is the option to dress it up or dress it down.  I've worn this with my Led Zeppelin tee and also with a black body suit underneath. It's all about what makes you comfortable and what you're feeling that day. And short ladies: Don't be afraid to buy one! Of course try it on and see how it fits and if you love it, get it! Even if it's too long you can always make it shorter.

My earring is also another thing that I'm very excited about! I went to the Punk Rock Flea Market in Philly last weekend and scooped up these awesome pair of earrings for only $1 ! I carefully picked through a big box and found these!
They also aren't too heavy so wearing them all day actually wasn't too bad.
I was definitely connecting with and channeling my inner Greek Goddess with this look. Something about it just made me feel very Greek. Ancestors would be proud


(Also mad props to my new roommate who helped take these photos!)


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