Hiatus Status

Things have been a little hectic since I last had a chance to post!  I've moved myself down to Philly and I will be moving into my sublet tonight after work!
My new internship with Destination Maternity has been great so far and I'm slowly getting into the swing of things as each day passes. The week I started I was able to experience the madness of a sample sale, a charming cheese party and the joy of summer hours in which we get to leave at 12:30 on Fridays!

It's an interesting adjustment being back in the city, but things have been going pretty well so far.  I just only hope that I will be settled in the next week or so and use to a new routine.  The other great thing about being back here is having a handful of my friends close by. I'm currently working with 3 girls that I graduated with and the last two weeks I was staying with my two best friends.  There are still many people that I need to see before the summer is over but I'm just getting started!  

Expect some new posts as we enter the next few weeks.  I still have photos to share from Mother's Day and also my younger sister's graduation!

Hope that you are all enjoying the warmer weather and that you have a great up coming weekend.  Don't worry, it's almost Friday!



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