A Late Mother's Day

Okay, okay. So I know Mother's day was several weeks ago but I've just gotten around to posting the photos and getting some stuff together.

This past Mother's day was the first time that I was home for the day since high school.  I always had come home the week after mother's day so my mom was definitely happy to have me and my sister around for the day!

My aunt invited us over for a cookout at her house with the family.  My uncle's brother came over with his two girls and also my uncle's mother joined us.  Then my mom's parents came over as well.  So we had a nice group together.  I also thought that it would be nice for us all to take pictures together with our moms!

All of the ladies!

My mom, yiayia, and my aunt

My uncle with his mom and brother

My sister, my mom and I

Goofin off

My family can be a bit nutty but I love them all the same.
I've been in Philly for two weeks now and I definitely miss them!  I call and talk to my mom periodically throughout the week and give her updates about my job, life, etc.  She's super special to me and rocks at being a mama.  Sometimes my sister and I can be a pain in the butt, but she really loves us and is proud of all the accomplishments that we've been making over the last few years.

I am going home for 4th of July weekend to spend time with everyone so I will see them for a little bit this summer!

What's your favourite thing about your mom? What has your mom taught you growing up? What did you do for mother's day?

Hope everyone is enjoying this brilliant weather!



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