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Happy to report that my trip to The City of Brotherly love was quite the success!  The drive wasn't as bad as I had anticipated and it was great to spend some time with my close friends.

Friday I had my interview and I think that it went well.  Now I'm just playing the waiting game and should hear back in the next week or two. I've got my fingers crossed!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend and I was able to prance about the city with my dresses and skirts with no tights!  

This was the outfit I chose to wear to my interview:

I wanted to wear something that was colourful and spring like but also kept the "business" side in mind to look professional.  The dress is Fire by Los Angeles and I bought it from Marshalls sometime last summer.  It's super lightweight, breathable and the best part, ladies: IT HAS POCKETS!

Since the dress has a racerback quality I kept the cardigan on during the interview but as soon as I got outside I flung it off because it was so beautiful out. It's just too bad that sun wasn't still shining when I got the chance to photograph the outfit later in the day.  By then the clouds had rolled in, but it was still very pleasant out.

Expect another detailed post later on this week about some of the random adventures that I had in the city and on the road!


(Kudos to my buddy Max for being a rad photographer. Check out his animation stuff here)


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