It's Always Sunny....

As you already know, I was in Philadelphia last weekend for an internship interview and to see a few good friends along the way.

I left my house in New Hampshire around 7am to try and be a little ahead of traffic.  It helped but not by much!  Massachusetts had most of the traffic but I got caught in a jam for about 30 minutes or so when I was going through Connecticut.  It's like the road work never ends!  After about 4ish hours in the car I made my pit stop in Nyack, New York and met up with this lovely lady:

That was us back in 2010 in the same area and you can count on it that we went back to both those places while I was in town.  I did take a picture of us while I was there but it turned out to be a little too derpy. I'm saving us both from the embarrassment!

We got pizza, took a walk down to the water, had girl talk and checked out a few different shops while we had some time.  The time passed too quickly and it bummed me out that I had to leave so soon.

The drive from New York to Philly was definitely the most difficult part of the trip.  The traffic from NYC filters in on the highways and there were just a lot of people out during that time of day and of course, you guessed it, more road work!

I got to Philly around 4ish and let myself into my friend's apartment.  Her roommate was in so we talked for a little and I got to play with my friend's and her roommate's cats!

The black one is my friend Rachael's cat, Loki.  Then the other little nugget is Casey who is her roommate's cat.  While both quite adorable, they DO NOT get along!  Casey is a bit territorial and bops Loki on the head a lot even when he's not doing anything!  She just really likes to pick fights with him.  But while I was waiting for Rachael to get home and all that both cats were curled up on either side of me to have a little cat nap.

The rest of the night was pretty laid back and we all went to bed kinda early because we had busy Friday's ahead of us.

I interviewed at Destination Maternity on Friday with three different divisions/teams of the company.  Every one was very nice and it turns out that they thought so too!  I got an email on Tuesday this week from the HR representative and they offered me a position with the Motherhood division.  I accepted their offer and I'll start toward the end of May.  I'm very glad that I'll be heading back to the city soon and being closer to my support system.

After the interview Max met up with us and me, Max and Rachael spent the night watching Pacific Rim, eating Chinese food, drinking beer and enjoying each other's company.

In the morning Rach and I went down to Sabrina's and had a late breakfast at their counter.  The food was amazing and the portions were much more than I could eat

I just got scrambled eggs with cheese (one of my favourites) that came with pan fries (or home fries if you prefer), and an English muffin.  I also indulged with the side of bacon.  The Green Tea that I had was different but was good never the less.

Rachael and I then spent the rest of the day walking around the city and soaking up the sun!  It was just beautiful out and it felt so good to walk around with a skirt and no tights!

Everyone had the same idea as us!

Later that night we met up with Rachael's girlfriend and we went to the movies together to see Oculus.  When we got home we stayed up for a little while and I got myself organized to leave in the morning.

I left sadly left Sunday morning around 10am
Bye Philly!

I stopped twice to stretch my legs and use the rest room and that was about it!

The drive was overall pleasant and I'm glad that I decided to drive.  I was very proud of myself for being able to this totally on my own.  The other good thing was I only needed to fill my tank once before I drove down and once before I came back, I even had enough to get to work on Monday!

This weekend we're having Easter at my house and I'm very excited because we are having a special guest!  My exchange parter from Germany has been in the states for the past month and she is visiting us for a few days while she is here.

I'm also going to be baking and cooking a few things for Easter lunch.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it'll be a beautiful weekend.  If you're not into Easter, hope Passover has been good for those who celebrate and if you're not into either I hope you get to do something awesome over the weekend :]



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