An Update

I'm sorry for the severe lack of posts lately, things have just been really busy!!

I've got an outfit or two post on the way and I'll also be documenting my first little road trip that I am embarking on tomorrow morning!

I'm making the drive from New Hampshire to Philadelphia and this will be the first time I will be driving there.  Last summer my dad flew down and rented a moving van to drive us back to New Hampshire but I've never taken the drive down before, I usually fly.  But this trip was decided a week ago and it was too expensive to fly at such short notice.  I would take the bus but it takes forever and I just want to be in control of my trip.

I'm planning on making a short stop for lunch in New York with my best friend, Anastasia.  She's practically my sister and I haven't seen her since her birthday in June so we are long overdue for some hang time.

Purpose of the trip is job related so I have my fingers crossed that everything will play out well. I'm just thrilled that I get to spend time with all 3 and possibly 4 of my best friends.

While being back in New Hampshire has been up and down, I was glad that I got to spend some solid time with family but I really hate how far I am from the life I created during the past 4 years.  I have a bit of a support system here and long distance but to be close to all that again would really just make me much happier than I have been.

But expect an update upon my return and hopefully lot's of pictures :]



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