Tiger Army never die!

For month's now we've been dealing with all too many grey days and snow so when the weather decides to change it's tune (or sometimes not) I bust out the tights and skirts and do a little happy dance in the morning...or at least try to in efforts to feel better!

I got this little skirt from H&M last summer with the Tiger screen print on it:

I also loved the print SO much that I caved and got the dress too

It's super comfortable and because it's black and very easy to pair with coloured tops or fun tights.  While I didn't in this photo, the coming spring/summer months will give me a good opportunity to do so again.

It was quite warm out on Saturday, so I only needed my trusty cardigan and also my Savin Hill Boots from Timberland. They have amazing footbeds so that I'm comfortable all day AND they keep my feet dry.  They aren't water-proof but they're great in the snow.

But unfortunately there's snow (and a lot of it) in the forecast this week, but I'm hoping that it'll hold off. I'm ready to embrace the sun and start wearing dresses without tights!

Tomorrow I'll be helping out the apparel team for our in-house fashion show of the new Spring 2015 collection!  Believe it or not, we're actually designing for Fall '15 as we speak!  This week is "Lineclose" where everything from the past season is wrapped up and the buyers come in to choose what they'd like to go into their stores.  It's a pretty hectic week but a lot of fun.  Enjoy what's left of the week and hope you've adjusted better than I have to daylight savings time!



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