The Hardest Button to Button

Things have been so hectic around here and the weather has not been cooperating with my outfit selection!  This week was up and down but I took the time to put together this outfit for work.

I was channeling Meg White from The White Stripes the other day and ran with it.  As you can see, my room has reddish-pink walls, black and white comforter, and black and white posters. You'd think that they're my favourite colours by looking at me, but actually it's green! I like keeping the black and white scheme simple most of the time with a pop of red.

I'll say this once, and I'll probably say it again: Never, ever throw away your goth gear from the goth days.  There have been a lot of pieces that I wore when I was 14 that I now find myself wearing again almost 10 years later!  My mary jane shoes are from my working at Hot Topic days and I'm glad I kept them all these years.  The shoes are Anarchic by T.U.K and the rugged outsole/creepers look is really making a turn around back into modern fashion and it's not just the goth kids who are sporting them these days.

One of the designers on the women's team at Timberland is from England and she is constantly telling us how creepers and a chunkier outsole are very popular in the UK. Women in their late 20's and early 30s and many of them wear this style to their jobs and it's seen as very refined and classic style.  The US hasn't caught on very much and thick shoes and outsoles like creepers and mary janes are still seen as a "teen" look and still belongs to the goth/punk kids.

Always recycle your fashion and find new ways to wear them. You'd be surprised what comes back in style over the years.  Rethink before you chuck something! Don't be afraid to wear something you once loved and channel your feelings into how you dress.  One of my personal mottos is "If you look like crap, you'll feel like crap." Clothes can really help change a mood. Things haven't been easy but dressing in sweatpants and oversized sweatshirts all day isn't going to help me feel better!

Hope you are all taking the world by storm and looking/feeling good while doing so.



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