I wanted to take the time today to make a post about symbolic and important images concerning Chrysanthemums.  They are a focus on this blog and I wanted to share the images that inspire me most

The artist of this illustration is William Charles John Pitcher, quite the name if you ask me.  He was a costume designer from England back in the late 1800's into the early 1900's.  In my research I've come across several other flower ladies but this one in particular is called "The Chrysanthemum."  I admire this piece because of the women's gaze and presence.  Her body is open and fearless.  In Japanese culture the mum is a symbol of fall and also a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. While it does mean those things, the color of the mum can also determine it's purpose or meaning.

  White chrysanthemums are presented to those who are in mourning of a loss while the yellows and reds are used to show affection to others.

Uploaded by Sarcoptiform

I'm also a huge fan of the Japanese wood prints. I've been looking to these as reference to the tattoo I've been thinking of getting in the future.  There are a lot of different looking chrysanthemums out there and I want to be sure I know all my choices before settling on something really generic.

All 3 of these pieces can be found here

I like the simplicity and attention to detail in woodblock prints and the art of printing in general.  I never took a woodblock printing class, but I have dabbled in screen printing-- it's not as easy as it looks!

Each image that I've shared in this post is special and beautiful in its own way.  I feel that each image evokes a variety of emotions and is something nice to look at.

I wouldn't say that the mum is my favourite flower, but it does strike me on another more personal level.

Do you have a special flower that holds meaning?
Which plant or flower is it?
Tell me what one is symbolic to you



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