Artist Thursday: Antonio Marras

As a designer, I spend a lot of time doing research and looking up to designers and artists for inspiration.  There are so many creative minds out in the world but there are a number of people who really test limits and push boundaries. I love exploring the minds of others and then reflecting on myself and how I can be more like them.

I've decided that on Thursdays I will post some looks and talk a little about the designer or artist being featured.

This is Antonio Marras:

He is an Italian designer and does collections for both men and women. He started showing his work back in the late 1980's and had his first show in Milan in 1999.  Since then he has become a well known Italian designer and shows 3-4 collections a year.

 When doing some trend research for Timberland, I came across his 2014 Pre-Fall collection on At first I thought it was a strange collection with an even stranger back drop for the lookbook.  There were a few looks and silhouettes that I really admired but it wasn't until I looked at previous seasons that I had added him to the list of favourites.

Pre-Fall 2014 (My Favourite Looks)

His inspiration is clear and I admire how the prints are executed throughout the collection. Prints can sometimes be a hard thing to use successfully, but Antonio does a great job of showing us the right and tasteful way to do so.

He not only uses the prints here well, but also has a great variety of all over prints and graphic prints for his past/current collections:

Fall 2014

Spring 2012

These looks are just a few of my favourites but you can flip through all of his collections on and on his professional site.

The best thing about doing research is discovering "new" designers is taking in their inspiration and making it your own.  As the looks flow in each week from New York, London, Paris and Milan I now click on the designers I may have never heard of before (or have heard of but never looked through their collections).  It's a good way to broaden your style horizons and get a different view of fashion from their eyes. You never know who will inspire you to create!



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