A Little Acid

So I know acid has been in out of the fashion scene, but it's always something that I like to chill out in over the weekend.  Even though working at Timberland has a very "business casual" work environment I avoid the acid wash while on the clock.

Since these have more of a light wash I tend to keep to brighter colours rather than throwing it together with a band tee.  I see that more as a dark acid-wash look, personally!

I got the shirt a few years ago from Anthropolgie on the sales rack. It's a 3/4 length knit top and is very soft and comfortable.  The print is different and a bit quirky and is sometimes a good conversation starter

Also these grey suede booties from White Mountain are quite comfortable and do nicely while being worn at work.  Just have to make sure that it's not snowing before I head out the door!

This week will be pretty busy at work and with life.  There's so much to do in so little time but we all have to remember to keep our heads on straight and push through another week.



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